Series 2000 Synthetic
2-Cycle Racing Oil

AMSOIL Series 2000 Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil (TCR) is a formulation of carefully selected pure synthetic esters and premium additives, providing excellent performance in both air cooled and water cooled two-cycle motors. AMSOIL TCR is fortified with corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust from condensation at shut down and during off-season storage. The AMSOIL racing formulation is based on extensive research conducted both in-house and in independent laboratories. AMSOIL TCR provides superior lubrication, protection and performance for two-cycle motors in the most demanding applications. Maximum performance is attained at a 50:1 mix ratio under both racing and recreational use. Richer mix ratios are not recommended.

AMSOIL Series 2000 2-Cycle Racing Oil
Product Code: TCR

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INTERCEPTOR High Performance Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

New AMSOIL INTERCEPTOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is engineered specially for power sports applications and those engines equipped with exhaust power valves. It contains the finest synthetic ester based oils and additives available for exceptional cleanliness properties. INTERCEPTOR is the result of years of field testing in the Rocky Mountain region, which provided some of the most severe conditions possible. INTERCEPTOR excels at controlling exhaust valve sticking and provides outstanding overall lubrication properties.

  • Proven "No Stick" exhaust power valve performance

  • Reduces smoke and odor

  • Surpasses SAE #4 cold temperature fluidity properties and has a -54 pour point

  • Prevents wear on cylinders and bearings for long engine life

  • Prevents pre-detonation by controlling ignition promoting deposits called "hot spots"

  • Versatile and excellent for all types of recreational equipment

  • Protects against rust

  • Recommended for injector systems or at 50:1 mix ratios

AMSOIL Interceptor High Performance 
Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
Product Code: AIT

DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil

New AMSOIL DOMINATOR Synthetic 2-Cycle Racing Oil is a robust formulation specially engineered for unsurpassed protection in high performance two-cycle motors, both on and off the track. It contains heavier synthetic base oils that provide more lubricity for "on the edge" operation. DOMINATOR reduces friction and protects pistons and bearings subjected to the rigors of racing. DOMINATOR contains the right additives for clean motor operation.

  • Provides excellent film strength for high heat, high RPM motors
  • Reduces friction for maximum power
  • Recommended for use with coated or non-coated racing pistons
  • Recommended for use with exhaust power valves
  • Recommended for use with high octane racing gas
  • Burns clean; Prevents ring sticking and plug fouling
  • Provides excellent protection at 50:1 pre-mix or in injection system

Not suitable for use with alcohol or nitro-methane fuels.

Not suitable for long-term use in outboard motors as a TC-W3 type oil, although excellent as a race oil for short-term use where motors are periodically inspected.

AMSOIL Dominator Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil
Racing Oil
API Service API TC, or JASO FC
Product Code: TDR

Synthetic 2-Cycle Injector Oil and
Synthetic 2-Cycle 100:1 Pre-Mix Oil

AMSOIL 2-Cycle Injector Oil and 100:1 Pre-Mix reduces friction and wear, improves throttle response and delivers maximum power. Clean-burning ashless formulations prevent plug fouling and carbon deposits. Delivers quick, dependable starts. Reduces smoke and emissions and won't "load up" during prolonged idling. Provides outstanding cold temperature flow. Contains special anti-rust agents for off-season storage.

Maximum protection for:

  • Outboard motors
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • All air-cooled and water-cooled 2-cycle engines.
  • ATV

Synthetic 2-Cycle Injector Oil
Product Code: AIO

Synthetic 2-Cycle 100:1 Pre-Mix Oil
Product Code: ATC

HP Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil

New AMSOIL HP Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil is a precise synthetic formulation that exceeds the lubrication demands of modern two-cycle engines. It contains premium synthetic base oils and MAX-DOSE additive system, providing superior performance in direct fuel injected (DFI), electronic fuel injected (EFI) and carbureted outboard motors, as well as other recreational two-cycle equipment.

  • Superior performance in DFI outboard motors

  • Prevents piston and combustion chamber deposits

  • Prevents "ring jacking" common to DFI outboards

  • Low smoke, low odor product

  • Contains up to 30 percent more additives for "super clean" operation

  • Prevents wear for long engine life

  • Prevents rust

  • Multi-functional and recommended for use in many two-cycle motors

  • Low aquatic toxicity

  • Recommended for use as injection oil or at a 50:1 pre-mix

Synthetic 2-Cycle Injector Oil
API Service API TC, or NMMA TC-W3
Product Code: HPI

Saber Synthetic 100:1 Pre-Mix 2-Cycle Oils

New AMSOIL Saber Professional (ATP) and Saber Outboard (ATO) Synthetic 2-Cycle Oils are specifically designed for lean mix ratios in pre-mix applications. Saber Professional contains high temperature detergents for small power equipment. Saber Outboard contains lower temperature dispersants for water-cooled outboard motors. Extensive testing shows superior lubricity and cleanliness properties at lean mix ratios of these premium synthetic formulations.

  • Saber Professional is "Smokeless"

  • Saber Outboard is a very low smoke, low odor product

  • At 100:1, both oils produce 30 percent lower emissions than oils mixed at 50:1

  • Saber Professional is recommended for ISO-L-EGD applications

  • One mix ratio for everything eliminates confusion

  •  Both oils are versatile and very good for many applications

  • Cost effective compared to oils mixed at 50:1 or richer

  • Saber Outboard exhibits low aquatic toxicity

  • Lean mix ratio prevents plug fouling and exhaust port deposits

Saber 2-Cycle 100:1 Professional Synthetic Motor Oil
Product Code: ATP

Saber 2-Cycle 100:1 Outboard Synthetic Motor Oil
API Service API TC,  or TC-W3
Product Code: ATO

Series 2000 Synthetic Racing Grease

AMSOIL Series 2000 Racing Grease protects wheel bearings and chassis from the dangerous, damaging heat created by hot pavement, huge engines and the unceasing friction of intense speed. It is ideal for all high temperature/high speed applications.

Unbeatable high-speed/high temperature performance.

Product Code: GRG

Synthetic Water Resistant Grease

AMSOIL Water Resistant Grease resists water washout and degradation. Unparalleled protection for boat trailer wheel bearings and other components frequently exposed to water.

Product Code: GWR

Synthetic Marine Lower Unit Gear Lube

AMSOIL Synthetic Marine Lower Unit Gear Lube provides outstanding protection to outboard and stern drive lower units in freshwater and saltwater applications.

AMSOIL 80W-90 GL-4 Gear Lube is recommended for marine outboard and stern drive lower unit gears and bearings. It is also recommended where the manufacturer specifies GL-4 performance. AMSOIL 80W-90 GL-4 Gear Lube is not recommended as a replacement for API GL-5 products.

Product Code: ALU

  • MIL-L-2105D
  • API MT-1

Synthetic 2000 Synthetic Chaincase Lubricant

AMSOIL Series 2000 Chaincase Lubricant provides superior protection and performance for enclosed chains. Ideal for snowmobiles, ATVs and general equipment. Extreme pressure additives provide extra wear protection. Extends chain life repels water, and inhibits rust, oxidation and foam. Superior low temperature starting, performance and protection.

Product Code: TCC

Series 2000 Octane Boost

AMSOIL Series 2000 Octane Boost improves the performance of all two-cycle and four-cycle gasoline-fueled engines. Just one treatment significantly increases engine response and power. AMSOIL Octane Boost reduces engine knock, improves ignition, helps fuel burn cleaner and inhibits corrosion. Recommended for all high performance off-road and racing applications. Increases octane number by up to 7 points.

Product Code: AOB

AMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive

AMSOIL P.I. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive is ideal for both fuel injected and carbureted systems. Dissolves and removes fuel system deposits and other contaminants for improved power and overall performance in gasoline engines. Reduces PCV and EGR system deposits. Reduces exhaust emissions (tests show up to 90 percent reduction). Improves engine idle, response and starting.

An initial clean-up dose of six ounces for ten gallons of gasoline restores up to 95 percent of an injector's original fuel flow. Periodic maintenance doses of one ounce for ten gallons of gasoline keep injectors and other fuel system components clean.

Product Code: API

P.I. Quick Shot

AMSOIL P.I. Quick Shot is packaged as a convenient, single-use application of P.I. Performance Improver. Empty entire contents in to the fuel tank. Each 6-oz. bottle treats 10 to 15 gallons of gasoline.

Product Code: AQS

Gasoline Stabilizer

AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer reduces the oxidation process which prevents fuel from deteriorating during storage. Allows easier start-ups.

Product Code: AST

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