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Discount TireŽ Could Get Your Family KILLED

1998 Dodge RAM Cummins 24V Diesel

Discount TireŽ

WARNING --- Over-tightened Lug Nut Are Dangerous. 

Discount TireŽ could get your whole family KILLED. Search Google and you will find that over-tightening of wheel lug nuts are a primary cause of wheels coming off causing car and truck crashes. The studs fatigue and break off thousands of miles later when the driver doesn't suspect the reason. Discount TireŽ grossly over-tightened the lug nuts on my Dodge 2500 truck. I specified in writing to tighten the lug nut to 125 ft. lb. ONLY, and I would tighten them myself in the parking lot to the Dodge specification of 135 ft. lb. I was shocked to find that some were under-tightened because they obviously did NOT us a torque wrench or a torque "stick." I tested them at home with a Craftsman torque wrench that gives an actual reading instead of a "click." Most of the nut were out of range of the wrench beyond 150 ft. lb. I didn't have a wrench that would go to 160, 170, 180, or 200 ft. lbs. The nuts gave a loud "crack" when I loosened all of them. I torqued them again with the proper sequence to 135 ft. lbs. These dangerous TIRE BUSTER could get you KILLED. At best you could be stuck at the side of the freeway with a flat tire unable to get the nuts off with the "L" lug nut wrench that came with your car or truck. Consumer Affairs and other websites list thousands of complains. Discount TireŽ will never touch any of the lug nuts on my vehicles again.

Crash Forensics
Wheel and Hub Failure Analysis

"Over-torquing is likely the most common wheel system failure due to the widespread use of impact wrenches to install wheels. Using an impact wrench to install wheels commonly causes the wheels to have 3 to 5 times the specified lug nut torque. The use of lubricants and anti-sizing compounds on the threads of the wheels studs or lug nuts can cause an even higher degree of over-torquing."

I didn't buy my tires at Discount TireŽ because the set for my Camaro bounced down the road like a hopping rabbit. I returned to have them balanced again but to no avail. They still jumped like a rabbit. I spun the wheels and noticed they were NOT ROUND. All of them were out of severely out of round. I remembered the technique used the tire recap shop where I bought retreads as a poor college student. The expert recapper would have me drive 1,000 miles without any balancing and come back in. He would then mount the wheels on a machine with a spinning cutter that would trim the tread to perfect roundness. After trimming many of the tire require no weights to be in perfect balance and drove like a dream. I found a retread shop to trim the grossly out of round tires I bought from Discount TireŽ. Heavy weights and out of round means Discount TireŽ sold me "second quality" tire at first quality prices.

I am a registered professional mechanical engineer and expert auto mechanic. I know what I am talking about. A class action lawsuit should be taken against Discount TireŽ.

Consumer Affairs
139 Top Complaints Against Discount TireŽ

Kent R. Rieske, P.E.
Professional Mechanical Engineer
Automotive and Lubrication Specialist 

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