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AMSOIL EAO Oil Filter.

Ultimate Oil Filter for Engine Protection.

AMSOIL's best oil filter is the new Ea Oil Filters featuring advanced full synthetic nanofiber technology.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters are made with premium-grade full synthetic media. The strictly controlled processing of this media ensures accurate filter construction, and is what allows Ea Oil Filters to deliver higher capacity and efficiency along with better durability.

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters with Advanced Nanofiber Technology for Heavy Duty Applications

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters (EaO)

Made with premium-grade full synthetic media. Ea Oil Filters feature advanced full synthetic nanofiber technology, making them the highest efficiency filters that are available for the auto/light truck market. AMSOIL EaO Filters are guaranteed for 25,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, when used in conjunction with AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil in gasoline and diesel vehicles in normal service, 15,000 miles in severe service.

Absolute Efficiency

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have the best efficiency rating in the industry. EaO Filters provide a filtering efficiency in accordance with industry standard ISO 4548-12 of 98.7 percent at 15 microns, while competitive filters containing conventional cellulose medias range from 40 to 80 percent efficiency.

Less Restriction

AMSOIL Ea Oil Filters have significantly lower restriction than conventional cellulose media filters. Their small synthetic nanofibers trap smaller particles and hold more contaminants, resulting in lower restriction. During cold temperature warm-up periods, an EaO lube filter allows the oil to easily flow through the filter compared to a typical cellulose filter. Lower restriction decreases engine wear.

Product Code: EAO

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Superior Engine Protection.

Donaldson Endurance™ oil filters offer extended service intervals, greater engine protection to prolong engine and equipment life, improved lubricant flow, improved cold start performance and lower operating costs.

Donaldson Endurance™ Oil Filters for Heavy Duty Applications

Engine Protection Filters Drive Costs Down

Donaldson Endurance lube filters are made using exclusive advanced synthetic media technologies. Synthetic media technology delivers cost saving benefits with:

Donaldson Endurance™ oil filters are made with premium advanced synthetic media technology that results in fibers that have a controlled size, shape and smaller fiber diameter.

The controlled media manufacturing process allows Donaldson Endurance™ oil filters to deliver both higher dirt holding capacity at the same pressure differential and higher efficiency compared to conventional cellulose filters. The synthetic media also has better durability with usage.

Product Code: ELF

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Super Duty Oil Filter

AMSOIL Super Duty Oil Filters (SDF) offer all-around better filtration and protection than conventional filters. Full flow design for extended drain intervals and severe service. Contains a high-tech blended filtration media composed of cellulose, synthetic and glass fibers. The media sets the Super Duty apart from conventional filters in capacity, efficiency and service life. Delivers superior filtration and protection.

The AMSOIL SDF has a lofted fiber depth-type media that traps dirt throughout its entire thickness for exceptional filtering efficiency. It keeps oil clean and free of wear-causing contaminants. The AMSOIL SDF Oil Filter provides up to 100 percent more capacity and up to 20 percent greater efficiency than other filters provide. It is ideal for use with extended oil drain intervals.

On filter installations where the mounting is sideways or upright, dirty oil could drain out of the filter when the engine is shut off. The AMSOIL SDF has an anti-drainback valve that keeps trapped contaminants in the filter when the engine is not running.

Product Code: SDF

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(Some mechanical ability required for installation)

By-pass Oil Filters

Engine wear is caused by dirt particles larger than 5 microns. The AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter removes particles as small as 1/10 of a micron, virtually eliminating engine wear.

AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filters filter all the oil in a six-quart system in about five minutes at an average engine speed equivalent to 45 mph.

Because the AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter removes water and particles smaller than one micron, it significantly increases the time oil can safely be left in the engine. In fact , engines using AMSOIL Synthetic Motor Oil and an AMSOIL By-Pass Oil Filter routinely show much lower rates of engine wear - even when the oil is used for significantly longer drain intervals - than engines using conventional products and conventional oil drain intervals. That saves motorists time and money and helps protect the environment by creating substantially less used oil.

The AMSOIL spin-on by-pass filter will make any engine last up to 60% longer.


"When we took this Chevrolet 396 engine apart (using AMSOIL Synthetic 10W-40, Reusable Air Filter and By-Pass Oil Filter), it was in the best condition of any engine I have ever seen. It looked like it had about 80,000 miles on it instead of over 535,000. The bearings were not even worn to the brass and the rings were not worn out. It was clean inside, no sludge or carbon at all."

K.A., Liberal, Kansas


Dual Remote Filter System

The AMSOIL Dual Remote Oil Filtration System converts an engine’s full-flow oil filter system into a full-flow/by-pass oil filtration system by attaching an AMSOIL Full-Flow Oil Filter and AMSOIL Spin-On By-Pass Oil Filter onto a remote mount. The Dual Remote System provides superior filtration efficiency, increased oil capacity and improved oil filtration accessibility.

AMSOIL Nanofiber Absolute Efficiency AeA Filters.


AMSOIL EaA Air Filter Efficiency Graph.


Cleanable Nanofiber Absolute Efficiency Air Filters

AMSOIL EaA Air Filters
AMSOIL achieves Absolute Efficiency with new filter line.
AMSOIL EaA Air Filters SAVE Money Because They Are Cleanable.
AMSOIL AeA Air Filters replace TS Foam Oil Air Filters.

The introduction of AMSOIL Ea Air Filters represents a major breakthrough in filtration technology. For the first time, revolutionary nanofiber technology is available to the auto/light truck market. It’s another first for AMSOIL!

Nanofiber technology has been used exclusively in heavy duty applications, including the US ARMY Abrams M1 tank. AMSOIL has brought this technology to the auto/light truck market. AMSOIL Ea Air Filters provide the absolute best filtration and with an unmatched 4-year/100,000-mile guarantee, AMSOIL Ea Air Filters save money!

Revolutionary Technology

Nanofiber is a phrase generally referring to a fiber with a diameter less than one micron. Cellulose fibers, on the other hand, are larger than nanofibers and have larger spaces between the fibers, causing contaminants to load in the depth of the media and plug the airflow path, resulting in higher restriction and less capacity.

AMSOIL Ea Air filters incorporate a specially constructed cellulose media with exclusive synthetic nanofibers applied to the surface. Dust and submicron particles are trapped on the nanofiber surface, preventing them from lodging in the filter media depth.

Here’s how it works: Imagine two filtration media, a chain link fence and a mosquito net. Each is required to stop contaminants, in this case tennis balls.

A tennis ball will fit quite nicely into an opening of a chain link fence, but will obstruct the hole almost 100 percent. Now, imagine a tennis ball covering a mosquito net. The tennis ball, at the point of contact with the netting, will obstruct much less filter area than the chain link fence example. In fact, air will flow around the tennis ball all the way to the point of contact. It will take many more particles to obstruct the netting surface area than the chain link fence.

EaA filters should be cleaned every year or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Cleaning Instructions:

Carefully remove filter from the housing. Clean the housing with a shop towel being careful not to knock contaminants into the air inlet. 
Cleaning can be done by two methods: 
Vacuum Cleaning: Place the filter on a flat surface and carefully vacuum the filter media on the dirty side where the incoming airflow enters the filter. Be careful not to rub the filter pleats with the vacuum cleaner attachment too aggressively as this may damage the filter. Using a vacuum with too much suction may damage the filter. 
Shop Air Cleaning: Hold the filter with one hand and carefully blow the filter media at a 45-degree angle on the clean side of the filter using low-pressure (15 to 20 psi) shop air. Be careful not to rub the filter pleats with the air nozzle as this may damage the filter. Using too high of air pressure will damage the filter media. 
Reinstall the filter into the air filter housing and secure.

AMSOIL AeA Air Filters improve performance and fuel efficiency by trapping more dirt and allowing better air flow. 

  • More Air Flow
  • Traps More Dirt
  • Improves Performance
Save Money With Ea Filters
Retail Cost
Number of changes/
cleanings based on 25,000 miles/year
Cost for
4 years
Cost per year
Purolator cellulose $23.75
2 changes
$190.00 $45.00
FRAM cellulose $24.95
2 changes
$199.60 $49.90
K&N wet cotton gauze $54.97
2 cleanings
$134.77* $33.69
General Motors (OEM) cellulose $23.85
2 changes
$190.80 $45.20
AMSOIL Ea nanofiber $38.10
1 cleaning
$38.10 $9.53
* includes additional purchase of cleaning and oiling kits

Product Code: EAA

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Foam Filter Oil - For TS Filters Only

Designed specifically for AMSOIL Reusable Air Filters. Special "high tack" oil for long term effectiveness. Traps and holds dirt and dust particles.

Product Code: AFO

AMSOIL Foam Air Filter Cleaner - For TS Filters Only

New AMSOIL Foam Air Filter Cleaner (FFC) is a specially formulated high quality detergent offering quick, efficient and easy cleaning and preservation of AMSOIL Power Sports Air Filters, TS filters and other wetted gauze and motor and power sports foam filters. Its spray application offers maximum convenience, speed of application and even coverage. Simply spray cleaner liberally on both sides, allow to soak for 15 minutes, rinse thoroughly with low pressure water and allow to completely air dry before applying AMSOIL High Tack Foam Filter Oil.

Product Code: FFC

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